Underground Art: XCIA Street Art Project

Hank O’Neal | Texas, U.S.A.
Underground Parking, The Origin (169-179 Enterprise)
Materials: Vinyl appliqués

You’ve never seen a more interesting indoor car park. The underground garage at The Origin in Downtown Markham features images from celebrated photographer Hank O’Neal’s XCIA Street Art photographs.

O’Neal, who resigned from the Central Intelligence Agency in 1976, undertook a project to document street art the following year. He continues taking photographs to this day, feeling that street art is, perhaps, the most exciting and vibrant new art form to emerge in many years. In 2012 he released XCIA Street Art, a book featuring 40 years of his photography from the streets of New York City and Los Angeles.

The images installed in the parking garage at RCAG were taken from O’Neal’s collection and are among his favourites.

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