New York Times Photo Archive

A look through history

Take a unique look inside life in Canada through the eyes of The New York Times. Acquired by the Rudolph P. Bratty Family Foundation, the Canadian Photo Archive dates back to the late 1800s and contains more than 24,000 photographs that depict Canada and its people, from coast to coast, with images captured during some of our nation’s most historic and defining moments.


Many of these photographic prints feature the original markings and treatments added by editorial staff of The New York Times as they were prepared for layout in the newspaper, adding to their uniqueness and, at times, enhancing their artfulness. To honour the authenticity of the Archive, we have done our best to preserve these elements. Each grouping in this inaugural exhibit located at the Toronto Marriott Markham will also be accompanied by a plaque denoting the original publication date, if available, and a brief description.

Throughout your stay, be sure to explore Toronto Marriott Markham’s stunning amenities where you will discover images from the Archive. Each space is home to a distinct theme representing various cross-sections of life in our beloved country; from noteworthy Canadian figures and our diverse range of regional landscapes, to a commemoration of Canada’s military and industry, and candid portrayals of everyday life.

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