Security Guard

Marc Sijan | Milwaukee, U.S.A.
First Floor, The Origin (169 Enterprise)
Materials: Polyresin + oil paint

Marc Sijan is a reclusive American Hyperrealistic sculptor who is based in Milwaukee and has been exhibited worldwide for many years. In the pantheon of Hyperrealism, with the passing of Duane Hanson, Sijan is acknowledged by many to be the foremost practitioner of this remarkable art form. He often works on several pieces simultaneously but because of Sijan’s incredible attention to detail a sculpture generally will take at least a year to complete. Because the process is so slow, few Sijan pieces come to market. Sijan’s work features people of all shapes and forms and runs the gamut of humanity, young and old, rich and poor, from all facets of life. His most iconic sculptures feature security guards; and like any good artist, Sijan’s work of sculpture tells a personal story, his father’s story, who was a security guard.

His work is so realistic that “Art”, a guard created for the headquarters of the Milwaukee Bucks, so fooled NBA superstar Michael Jordan that he became angry when the guard refused to answer a question he’d posed to him. His creations have been featured in galleries, museums and special exhibits all over the world. They include the Smithsonian Museum of Modern Art in Washington, D.C, the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, the Philadelphia Museum of Modern Art and the Milwaukee Art Museum. RCAG now has a Sijan security guard that will be loosely in charge of all the other art works, but don’t ask him for directions.

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