Julie Tremblay | Quebec City, Canada
First Floor, The Origin (169 Enterprise)
Materials: Painted aluminum mesh + LED lights

Julie Tremblay (b. Quebec City) sculptor specializing in manipulating rigid aluminum mesh into amorphous, fluid works of art. Tremblay received her Master of Fine Arts from the Pratt Institute in 1997 and currently lives and works in Newburgh, New York. Since then, her work has been exhibited throughout North America and Europe. Many of her creations are life-size sculptures made of recycled materials such as chicken wire, bottle caps, wax, LEDs, and more.

In her early work Tremblay experimented with space and the body’s form. Today, Tremblay works largely with aluminum mesh, which she folds and sculpts into prismatic shapes that have fabric-like ease and movement. Her hanging sculptures are often illuminated and painted with pastel shades, giving them a soft appearance despite their industrial origins. Tremblay continues to be fascinated with geometry and studies physics, mathematics, and quantum mechanics to inform the structures of her work. She has said, “I find that my way of working resembles more and more that of a scientist,” adding her work is often the result of, “researching, manipulating, investigating, and alternating control and chance.”

Tremblay was commissioned to create Eon for RCAG in 2013. After a year’s work, a magnificent 29-foot sculpture was installed in December 2014 and has made a remarkable addition to the Gallery.

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