DodecaCaryatid Totem Pole

Kevin Kelly | Brooklyn, U.S.A.
RBC Bank, The Origin (169 Enterprise)
Materials: Anondized aluminum + steel

Kevin Kelly is an American sculptor based in Brooklyn, New York. He works with metal and wood to create striking sculptures that are environmentally friendly.

Kelly on his goals as an artist: “I want to create works that have the strength and depth to appeal to cognoscenti such as Louise Bourgeouis. But I also would like to walk that fine line and create work that is simultaneously arresting, accessible, and challenging to the vast majority of people not immersed in the art world.”

With a tip of his hat to Constantin Brancusi’s iconic Endless Column, Kelly has created a monumental 21st Century Totem Pole for the Remington Contemporary Art Gallery installed at the corner of Birchmount and Enterprise, integrated into the entrance of RBC Bank.

“A Caryatid in ancient Greece was a supporting column carved in the shape of a woman. A Dodecahedron, also an ancient Greek concept and one of the 5 Platonic Solids, is the name of the 12 sided polygons that compose this sculpture.”

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