Blasted Guernica

Viktor Mitic | Belgrade, Serbia
First Floor, The Origin (169 Enterprise)
Materials: Acrylic paint + canvas + bullets

Viktor Mitic was born in Belgrade, Serbia. He was classically trained in art schools in Europe before moving to Canada in his early twenties. He earned an art degree from the University of Toronto and has spent the last 20 years creating a remarkable body of artwork.

Mitic also experiments with the elemental forces of nature, as seen in his acid rain paintings. His work, sometimes featuring provocative images intended to push boundaries, has received international recognition. He has exhibited in both private and public galleries, including the Toronto International Art Fair, Gallery Moos, The Armory Show (NYC), Art Chicago, Odon Wagner Gallery, New Brunswick Museum, Beaverbrook Art Gallery, and most recently at Deluca Fine Art Gallery in an exhibition entitled “Point Blank: Art or War”.

Previously featured at Art Toronto, Mitic’s homage to Pablo Picasso’s masterpiece Guernica is an exciting addition to RCAG. Combining aesthetic art and the creative forces of destruction, there is also a performance aspect, as this 25-foot painting was finished with live ammunition from firearms that Viktor shot at the canvas.

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