Including the residents of Downtown Markham and new mid/high-rise development along Highway 7, Markham Centre will become home to more than 41,000 total residents and more than 41,000 daytime employees, all within walking distance of well-established neighbourhoods such as Unionville, Cachet Woods and Milliken Mills.

In Downtown Markham...

Our community members are diverse (in fact, Markham is the most diverse city in the Western World's most diverse nation), multi-lingual, highly educated, well-employed and incredibly trend conscious.

On any given weekend in Downtown Markham, visitors will likely observe line-ups of "sneakerheads" awaiting a limited edition shoe release from one of our boutique stores, or find themselves admiring the never-ending parade of luxury cars that pull into one of our art-adorned parking garages. The Remington Group develops a wide range residential products, and an abnormally large ratio of 2- and 3-Bedroom condominium suites is attracting a variety of family households, from young professionals and empty nesters to small families in search of an urban lifestyle.




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