Lineup announced for Downtown Markham Music Festival

Each Saturday in August, Downtown Markham will come alive with music as the community hosts the 2019 Downtown Markham Music Festival, presented by The Remington Group.

The emphasis of this year’s lineup is youth, with three hours of each day dedicated to young performers from the Markham area strutting their stuff onstage.

“Markham is filled with young musicians eager to share their talent with the world, but what they lack is a professional platform where they are able to do so,” says Johnson Yip, Senior Property Manager at Remington Group.

“Many youth musicians struggle to find gigs because they aren’t allowed to play at bars, and most local music festivals prefer musicians with more experience,” Yip says. “The Youth Showcase Concert gives local singer-songwriters and bands under the age of 25 the opportunity to perform for a local audience, and allow them to experience a professional production setting.”

The Youth Showcase Concert will run from 2 pm to 5 pm each Saturday.

But make no mistake, this year’s lineup is also filled with established artists recognizable to the Markham music scene, including bands like Los Moralitos, Blind Rust, The Classy Wrecks and musically diverse artists including Stephen Stanley, Mimi O’Bonsawin and Henoc Senay.

The series will wrap up on Aug. 31 with a performance by Bernadette Connors, the native of Keswick, Ont., with a number of singles to her credit.

The stage will be situated at the South Plaza at 169 Enterprise Blvd, with live music each day from 2 pm to 11 pm August 3, 10, 17, 24 and 31.

Come down and enjoy the best of Markham’s music scene at this year’s Downtown Markham Music Festival!


Saturday, August 3

2 pm – 5 pm: Youth Showcase Concert

6 pm-8:30 pm: Soukustek

8:30 pm – 9 pm: DJ Music

9 pm – 11 pm: Los Moralitos

Saturday, August 10

2 pm – 5 pm: Youth Showcase Concert

6 pm-8:30 pm: Henoc Senay

8:30 pm – 9 pm: DJ Music

9 pm – 11 pm: The Classy Wreck

Saturday, August 17

2 pm – 5 pm: Youth Showcase Concert

6 pm-8:30 pm: Blind Rust

8:30 pm – 9 pm: DJ Music

9 pm – 11 pm: Turning Point

Saturday, August 24

2 pm – 5 pm: Youth Showcase Concert

6 pm-8:30 pm: Matata 6

8:30 pm – 9 pm: DJ Music

9 pm – 11 pm: Stephen Stanley

Saturday, August 31

2 pm – 5 pm: Youth Showcase Concert

6 pm-8:30 pm: Mimi O’Bonsawin

8:30 pm – 9 pm: DJ Music

9 pm – 11 pm: Bernadette Connors



SOUKUSTEK is a project that was born under the watchful eye of the Caribbean sea surrounded by the magical city of Cartagena de Indias Colombia. It is a combination of the dreams, joys and experiences lived by each of us,fed by our connection with Africa and all the rhythms of the Caribbean. Claro Torres, master guitarist from Baru island in the Caribbean coast of Colombia provides the inspiration. Tury Morey is the guitarist/producer who connects it all.

Los Moralitos - Downtown Markham LOS MORALITOS

The band was founded by Richard Morales in Markham, Ontario in the summer 2012, at the Markham Village Music Festival. The band plays danceable rhythms like salsa and cumbia without the use of trumpets or heavy percussion artillery of the large Latin bands. The result is a funky electric tropical sound that engages crows to dance and have a good time. Their first independent single named City of Friends was a song dedicated to the City Markham and the Pan Am Games of Toronto 2015. Los Moralitos are working in a full album named “The Prophets”. The full recording will be released under the Cartagena’s Boys Publishing Corp record label, a not-for-profit organization that uses the royalties to finance the construction of water projects in South America.

Henoc Senay - Downtown Markham HENOC SENAY

A recent Humber College music graduate, Hénoc Senay is a unique and dynamic performer that brings energy and excitement to any stage. A self-proclaimed multi genera performer, Hénoc has had the opportunity of showcasing his talents through a wide variety of music such as R&B, jazz, Latin and funk. Using his ecliptic musical influences, Hénoc enjoys projecting new vision to the familiar, creating a signature sound that is all his own. Currently, Hénoc can be found as front man of the progressive metal band Immantrus
and his own project HOUSE of KNOCK. He will soon be releasing his debut EP, “Love Drive”.

Classy Wrecks - Downtown Markham THE CLASSY WRECKS

The Classy Wrecks are a Ska Rocksteady band from Toronto. The band was formed in 2016 and can be described as an upbeat, fun and poppy dance band. The band has spent the last year touring Ontario playing everything from small towns to large cities. The Classy Wrecks were quick to release their first EP “Songs for the Extinct” featuring their songs Too Old To Party and Hey Girl, which were played on radio stations internationally. In 2017, the band signed with Trouble Town Records and is currently recording its debut album, “Bedrock-Steady.”

Blind Rust - Downtown Markham BLIND RUST

A classic rock cover band that sports a female and male lead singer. The band is headed by Richie Sorbet who also has written his own music and lyrics, and released one CD. Vicky, the female vocalist, has auditioned for the TV show ‘The Launch’ and is currently waiting to hear from them. Blind Rust is a 5-piece band that plays a wide range of classic hits and have performed at various functions in the GTA including, Mud Hero’s, Golf Tournaments, corporate events, private parties and some local bars.

Turning Point - Downtown Markham TURNING POINT

Formed in the late 80’s, Turning Point specializes in rock and roll, pop and light jazz numbers presented in a highly polished performance. The core of the band is five professional musicians featuring a female lead singer, rich harmonies, guitar, bass, keyboards and drums.

Matata 6 - Downtown Markham MATATA 6

Matata 6’S music celebrates diversity. The Toronto band originally formed for the love of original music and to showcase the cultural mosaic in Canada. The band members are Guatemalam, Metis, Jamaican, Congolese, and Italian. Their music is mixture of soul-world-folk with Afro influences. Their songs have a groovy beat and catchy melodies, which focus on storytelling. In 2017, Matata 6 became the official ambassadors of The Canadian Music Therapy Trust Fund, in continuing to unite encourage, empower, and promote self expression.

Stephen Stanley - Downtown Markham THE STEPHEN STANLEY BAND

Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist Stephen Stanley is best known from his many years as a founding member, lead guitarist and vocalist with the vibrant alternative rock band The Lowest of the Low. After many hits, years of touring and sharing the stage with the likes of Billy Bragg, Bob Mould, The Violent Femmes, The Jayhawks and Lloyd Cole, a gold record for “Shakespeare My Butt,” Stanley is back on the music scene with his own band, The Stephen Stanley Band, and an internationally acclaimed record “Jimmy & The Moon,” produced by Hugh Christopher Brown.

Mimi O’Bonsawin - Downtown Markham MIMI O’BONSAWIN

If you can embrace the grace and power of Northern Ontario landscapes, you will feel the music of Mimi O’Bonsawin. She epitomizes the power, scenery and the beauty of its waters through her music, all the while yielding to her rich and warm French Canadian and Abenakis heritages. Her musical creations flow through a centre of love with the intention to give back and spread awareness.
Her newest record. “Trillium,” seeks to be compelling and intimate follow-up to her two previous albums and is a collection of acoustic songs.

Bernadette Connors - Downtown Markham BERNADETTE CONNORS BAND

Born on June 28, 1988 in Keswick, ON Canada, Bernadette Connors was raised in a family of musicians. She was drawn to singing and performing at an early age and has made many attempts to create bands and artistic projects along the way. Using her experiences to her advantage, Bernadette has now arrived to a sound that showcases her expressive vocal range, and emotionally intellectual lyrics. Her song “Where’s My Heart” made it onto Canadian radio in 2012 being picked up by over 40 radio stations across Canada. Her song “Hello Again” was used in the “W” Networks series “Tessa and Scott” in February 2014. In 2016 Bernadette released two independent singles I’m Good and Burn For Me. Her most recent release is “Don’t Forget About Faith,” released in March 2019.

Lineup announced for Downtown Markham Music Festival

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