Benchmark Homeowners Notice: Basement Floor Drains

“Without Prejudice”

Downtown Markham (Benchmark) – Basement Floor Drains

Dear Benchmark Homeowner:

We herewith would like to advise you about an important maintenance issue:

It has been brought to our attention that following the recent rainstorms, various materials and/or debris are collecting over the floor drains at basement entrances. We would like to take this opportunity to again advise that all owners of homes with basement entrances having a floor drain in the concrete need to ensure that this drain is kept free and clear of any substance whether it be dirt, debris, paper products and/or any other material. Interior damage to the home can be caused by this lack of maintenance, and such damages are not covered by the builder’s statutory warranty. Please also check the scuppers on your terraces to ensure they are free and clear of any debris that may impede the flow of water.

Again, this is part of homeowner maintenance and needs to be monitored. Please review the pictures below, which depict a clear basement entrance/floor drain versus a blocked floor drain.

Please be guided accordingly.


Customer Care


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